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Reasons to Choose Yugyokuen Ceramics

Production systems and expertise
for core components of scientific instruments

We have manufactured vacuum-related products for more than 60 years.
Today, we manufacture items ranging from standard insulators to products suitable for ultra-high vacuum.

We possess expertise cultivated over 60 years and production systems which meet the high level demands of our customers. This is why our company is highly regarded.

Our motto is “From analytical and scientific instruments to the next century.”
We aim to be a true partner to our customers.

3 Reasons
to Choose Us

1 Integrated Production

2 High Precision Processing Techniques

3 Flexible Production Systems

Yugyokuen Ceramics
9 Key Features

  1. We use our own materials
    We mix and granulate alumina and steatite in-house.
  2. We can produce complex forms
    that rely on green processing
    By using materials we produce in-house, we can process the materials before firing, which is effective for products with shapes requiring significant machining.
  3. Precision polishing techniques
    We use cutting-edge equipment, enabling precision processing.
  4. Extensive washing process
    We deliver clean ceramics which have undergone washing and baking treatments.
  5. Moly-Manganese metallization
    We use our own proprietary molybdenum-manganese ink.
    It forms an interstitial layer between ceramic and metal, resulting in a metal surface with high bond strength. 
  6. Ceramic to metal brazing
    Using Moly-Manganese metallization, makes it possible to braze ceramic with metal, enabling the production of products with high air-tightness.
  7. Welding techniques
    We can weld metal to products which have been metallized or brazed in-house.
    We sell products with welded flanges, etc.
  8. Glazing
    (Glass Coating)
    We have selected glass compatible with our ceramics, and use it as a measure against contaminants and moisture which can cause electrical discharge.
    The glass we use is lead-free.
  9. Composite product assembly techniques
    The combination of features 1 through 8 allows us to manufacture products completely made-to-order based on your company’s schematics and specifications.