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The Customers, Industries, and Regions We Serve

From Arts and Crafts
to Ceramics

Founded in 1881, our company initially manufactured ceramic arts and crafts.

In 1955, we translated our techniques from ceramic arts and crafts to ceramic manufactured goods, and we have since supplied a wide variety of communications equipment, as well as components for scientific and analytical instruments and vacuum equipment, such as vacuum tubes.
Accordingly, we count many major firms in Japan among our customers, maintaining long-term business relations.


We deal directly with industrial equipment manufacturers, including both domestic and overseas vacuum equipment manufacturers, analytical instrument manufacturers, electron microscope manufacturers, and non-destructive testing equipment manufacturers, etc. The majority of these manufacturers have an overseas sales ratio greater than 50%, and our products are indirectly supplied to people around the world as the best solution.

Major Customers
Hitachi High Technologies Corporation
Hitachi High-Tech Science Corporation
Shimadzu Corporation
JEOL, Ltd.
Denka Co., Ltd.
Ushio, Inc.
Rigaku Corporation
Azbil Corporation
Canon Group
Toshiba Group
Overseas Manufacturers
Domestic Research Institutions
National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
High Energy Accelerator Research Organization
National Institute for Fusion Science
Other Domestic Research Institutions/Universities

Overseas Customers

Customer Industries

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    Equipment Manufacturers

    The majority of our customers are manufacturers of equipment and instruments. We supply manufacturers of electron microscopes, analytical instruments, and electric power equipment.
    Our products are used as the core components of all kinds of equipment for purposes such as insulation, heat resistance, chemical resistance, and wear resistance.

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    Assembly Manufacturers

    We supply our components to assembly manufacturers contracted by equipment manufacturers.
    The majority are custom components, supporting the major products of our customers from behind the scenes.

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    Trading Companies

    We sell through trading companies when supplying certain maintenance parts, or when we first start dealing with an equipment manufacturer. We primarily deal directly with equipment manufacturers, so the percentage of our business with trading companies is not very large.

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    Universities/Research Institutions

    Our products are used by the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Riken, SPring-8, the National Institute for Fusion Science, and various university research facilities.
    Our products use ceramics that have low out-gassing, and are highly regarded in the vacuum field.